Our CoViD-19 Measures to keep you safe…

Dear questioneer,

I am thrilled to be opening The Fat Duck after nearly 5 months of closure and rekindling the magic we’ve so missed. At The Fat Duck we have always prided ourselves on providing the very best experience for our guests and as we venture into a world of greater care and consideration we remain committed to doing just that. We are following the government's official safety advice, and, in addition taking all the necessary precautions of our own Health and Safety consultants following their appropriate guidelines and procedures. You can be assured that the safety of our staff and guests visiting The Fat Duck is of the highest priority and we really can’t wait to welcome you back.



Our CoViD -19 Meet, Greet & Seat Procedures
  • Guests are requested to strictly adhere to their booking times to ensure social distancing guidelines can be met.
  • There will be no physical contact, such as handshakes upon arrival.
  • Upon arrival, guests are requested to sanitise their hands with provided hand sanitiser bottle, the guests will then keep this bottle to use as much as they wish for the duration of their time with us and will not be shared with any other guests/staff members.
  • Guests are asked to Confirm that they are not experiencing any COVID symptoms before entering the restaurant.
  • If guests would like us to hang their coats for them, they will be placed into a sanitised suit carrier and kept in the cloakroom. These bags will be sanitised between every service.
  • Guests will be given bags upon arrival to store their personal face masks.
  • Above procedures will be carried out in a shielded zone, out of sight of the other diners.
  • It is the responsibility of each guest to scan the Track and trace QR code located at the entrance.
Our CoViD -19 Service Procedures
  • Every shift will have a manager present at all times who will assess and control the movement of guests and staff members during the day.
  • We have reduced the number of team members attending each table and have a strict area for each team members and their sections.
  • We have completely reimagined our service style to enhance the guest experience, while maintaining social distancing.
  • After every interaction with a guest which results in removing plates/glasses from a table, staff are required to wash/sanitise their hands.
  • All electronic devices will be cleaned and sanitised, every day as well as before and after each use.
  • Hand sanitisers and wipes are available for both staff and guest use in all areas. 
  • Once the napkins are set on the table, the staff will not touch them, napkins are not be refolded when a guest leaves the table during their meal. Should a guest want a new napkin a team member will provide a new clean napkin, remove the dirty napkin and immediately wash and sanitise their hands and any utensils used.
  • We have taken measures to serve your drinks & wine in a CoViD secure manner.
Our CoViD -19 Comfort Break Procedures
  • We request our guests to check with staff if the bathrooms are free to use and the guests will be asked to socially distance on the stairs.
  • We request our guests to use the hand sanitiser provided upon their arrival from their comfort/cigarette break.
Our CoViD -19 Departure Procedures
  • All PDQ devices will be cleaned and sanitised, each day as well as before and after each use.
  • When guests have finished their meal they may be asked to wait while other guests leave the restaurant to help with maintaining social distancing.
Our CoViD -19 Goods Receiving Procedures
  • We are fully informed on all our suppliers’ procedures and hygiene measures and have approved these.
  • Deliveries will be dropped by supplier to a specific delivery point.
  • We have allocated satellite drop offs for different parts of the business.
  • Deliveries are checked by a dedicated senior member of the team.
  • All third-party delivery boxes are wiped and sanitised before being allowed entry into the buildings.
  • Team members are required to wash and sanitise their hands after handling the delivery boxes/parcels.
Our CoViD-19 Procedures for Staff
  • ALL team members are contacted and assessed for to ensure they are safe to return to work.
  • Domestic health concerns which could impact team members returning for work will be addressed and will be eliminated immediately.
  • Upon arrival at work all team members are temperature checked daily, asked if they are CoViD-19 symptom free and are asked to immediately wash their hands before entering any of our buildings
  • Uniforms are washed at 60°C minimum and worn clean every day.
  • All team members wear face visors at all times and gloves as and when required. 
  • No physical contact such as handshakes, high fives, hugs etc. are permitted.
  • We have taken measures to socially distance our staff & guests, whenever possible. Where our staff and guests cannot be sufficiently distanced, we have done everything we can to manage transmission risk, through other controls.
  • We have additional cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in place according to and exceeding current government guidelines.
  • We are taking all reasonable steps to maintain a distance in the restaurant, in accordance with current government guidance, working in strict team bubbles, minimising staff/team crossovers.
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to assist our team members that are able to work remotely to do so as much as possible.
Our CoViD -19 Service Set Up Procedures
  • Disposable gloves will be used by team members for preparation and cleaning as and when needed.
  • Face visors will be available and mandatory for all team members. Additional masks will be available for guests if requested. 
  • Every menu is cleaned and sanitised both before and after use.
  • Touch points & shared surfaces - Scheduled sanitising of all shared surfaces & touch points in front of house areas, every 30 minutes.

We will carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment and the results will be shared with the people who work across different parts of the businesses, this will be overseen by our Health & Safety Consultants - Food Alert.

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